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Employee Policy Handbooks Customized to Your Industry.
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With our Employee Policy Handbook 2019 create an employee handbook in less than an hour.
You can have your employee handbook today with our professional 80+ editable templates good for all employees paid hourly, salaried,  commissioned, full or part-time.  

Why It Is Important To Have An Employee Handbook 2019

Your business can help protect itself by providing clear, written policies covering the duties and responsibilities of your employees. An employee policy manual is important to your company. Every business should protect itself with an employee policy manual.

Have your own Employee Handbook within minutes!
With our Employee Handbook for 2019 create an employee handbook in less than an hour.
Easy to edit and customize to your business.
Guide To Creating An Employee Policy Manual
EASY TO USE In Any Word Processing Software
Easily edit any topic to meet your needs. This makes developing an employee manual a breeze. It is formatted in Microsoft Word for PC or Mac.
Place you order today and receive a special bonus of over 25 Forms for use in your business. All are excellent tools for the professional business entrepreneur.
Our Best Selling Policy Manual
Improve your employees performance,
image, and set standards at work with our best selling > Employee Policy Manual
Introduced in 1980, this "living manual" has been changed and updated every year since then to meet the needs of today's business managers.
An employee handbook can be the central place where company policies and employee benefits and rights are laid out. Consider including the following company policies in your employee handbook. Here are but a few:
Introduction Letter Use of Parking Lot
Customer Importance Payroll
Courtesy and Service Performance Review
Customers Are Your Job /Policies Personal Time Off
Our Stores Guarantee Probationary Period
Service Policy Selling & Solicitation
Breakage of Merchandise Employee Telephone Calls
Personal Appearance & Cleanliness Safety And Accident Rules
Dress Code Shoplifting Guidelines / Holdups
Drugs And Alcohol Policy Building Security
Smoking & Eating Sexual / Racial Harassment
Equal Opportunity Sick Leave / Funeral Leave
Honesty Smoking Policy / Time Off
Time Card Procedures No-Fault Attendance Policy
Adhering to Time Schedules Termination / Serious Offenses
Holidays / Hours of Work Employee Meal Waiver
Employee Purchases Policy Use Of Company Computers
Confidential Information Use Of Company Property
Jury Duty Cash Drop Policies
Name Badges Vacations / Holidays
Lunch Periods / Meal Waivers Receiving Merchandise
Uniform Policy Cash Shortage Policy
Telephone Courtesy Shift Reconciliation Policy
Business Policies & Procedures Business Rules (all employees need them)
Telephone Sales Policies Sales Policies & Procedures
Statement of Release Application for Employment and much more...


BONUS: xxxxxxxxx 25 Forms PLUS
You will also receive sample job descriptions and  classified advertisements for employment for:
Store Managers
Automotive Technicians
Service Managers
C-Store Managers


Labor relations laws require all employers to maintain written policy and apply it nondiscriminatory to all employees. This handbook template makes it so easy to comply.
Good reasons why your Company should create its own Employee Handbook



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Our Employee Policy Manual for 2019 provides you with the foundation of working forms and documents to successfully communicate your company standards, goals and philosophy. Our Employee Policy Manual is designed to allow you flexibility in molding policies and procedures to the way you do business; make as many or as few changes as you need.


You get fully customizable forms and documents. Each page comes as a separate file for easy editing, naming, and placement into your handbook. You are invited to customize each page to your company's specific and unique requirements.
Our "Employee Policy Manual" is a 80-plus policy document that addresses the issues that are important to you. Creating a personnel management system from scratch could cost you and your staff hundreds of hours of time and tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. It's never been easier or more affordable!


Have your own Employee Handbook Fast!
Shortly after your purchase, an acknowledgement of the products ordered below is automatically e-mailed to you along with Zip Folders containing the Policy Manual and Bonus Forms.
The purchase contains the Policy Manual of choice and the Bonus Pack of Business Forms. The Policy Manual comes as a Microsoft Word document for both Mac and PC. Simply review and edit to your company requirements.
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(805) 340-0976.
STEP 1: Purchase your employee handbook package below. You will receive an email from us with a confirmation plus the Policy Manual & Bonus Forms Pack files.
The employee handbook and bonus forms pack files are sent via email. All files come in a versatile format that will work in Microsoft WORD, Word Perfect, and most all other word processing programs. It will also work on PC as well as Mac. You will receive instructions, tips on putting your manual together, bonus forms, and each policy in a separate file for maximum versatility.

STEP 2: Open the employee handbook in your word processing software of choice. Make any changes to personalize and customize the employee handbook to match your business. Save as a file.


STEP 3: Print and voila, you now have your very own employee handbook. It's that easy.

   Our Best Selling Policy Manual
Small Business Employee Policy Manual > $49.95
Improve your employees performance, image,
and set standards at work with
this manual.
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Improve your sales profits with business rules, policies and procedures (all employees needs them).
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Service Station w/Mart & Service Bays > $49.95
This handbook is customized for service stations with snack shops and automotive repair service bays.
Small Business Office Policy Manual > $49.95
A must for the small business office. Improve customer service, set  policies and procedures and employee standards at work.
Small Business Retail Store > $49.95
A must for the small business retailer. Improve customer service and sales, set cash handling and shift policies with this manual, and more.
Transmission Repair Shop > $49.95
Improve your sales & profits. Set parts policies and service bay rules (every shop needs them).
Tire Store with Auto Service > $49.95
Gain better control of your operation, set customer service standards, policies, procedures, and guidelines. Protect your business.

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jlzwhite.gif (125550 bytes) Employee Policy Manual
More than just a rule book. Sets employee policy's and procedures and standards at work.
You can have your employee handbook today with our professional 80+ editable templates good for all employees paid hourly, salaried,  commissioned, full or part-time.
Receive your Policy Manual by email shortly after the order.
Order now and receive our FREE Bonus Forms Pack of 25 business forms including job descriptions and sample classified adds for employees.



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